The book “Ask Measure Learn” is a comprehensive guide on understanding big data and social media analytics benefits managers and data scientists alike. The framework by Lutz Finger and Soumitra Dutta will transform your business.

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  • Why LinkedIn Is As Important As The Capital Market

    Why LinkedIn Is As Important As The Capital Market
    Recently, my favorite INSEAD Professor, Kevin Kaiser, came over to LinkedIn with a group of executives from around the world. We chatted about value creation in Silicon Valley. Like no other part of the world, Silicon Valley has seen stunning success, with a positive reinforcing cycle of startup success and funding opportunities (see the Startup Genome […]
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  • How To Spot Social Media Bots – They Are Often Lonely

    Social Media Bots
    Social media bots have become an increasingly challenging issue. They can trick you into buying stuff or even influence your opinion (read more about the trouble they can cause here). But one way to spot – and stop – bots is by using their own friends. Who wants to have friends who are just there […]
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  • Activity of Followers for @jeffbullas and @AmyJoMartin

    amyjomartin followers
    If one clusters together the Twitter followers for both @jeffbullas and @AmyJoMartin, one will find that Jeff’s least active followers tweet about 15 posts a month, while Amy has five groups that tweet below 1 post a month. Back to the original FORBES article Back to the original FORBES article Back to the article at LinkedIn […]
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  • @AmyJoMartin’s highly uniform communities

    unique influencer
    @AmyJoMartin has one community that follows 92% the same tweeps.  This is a uniformity we have not seen since the breakup of the Soviet Union. Meaning – this is not human. By comparison, Jeff Bullas and Brian Solis have only a maximum follower similarity in their different audiences of 45% and 40% respectively. Back to […]
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  • Why President Obama Needs A Chief Data Scientist

    Why President Obama Needs A Chief Data Scientist
    During this year’s STRATA conference, President Obama introduced Dr. DJ Patil as his new Chief Data Scientist in a video message. DJ is a very well known data scientist and is even credited by some with coining the term “data science”. During his introduction of DJ, Obama said that he wanted to do a joke […]
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  • Do Evil – The Business Of Social Media Bots

    Social Media Bots
    Warning: reading this might lead you to lose faith in the media and marketing world! Oh – you didn’t really trust them to begin with? Well, let’s dig right in and meet the now-removed Twitter account from @AI_AGW. He’ll hold an intelligent debate about global warming with you. But as smart as he is, you may […]
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  • Predictive Analytics – A Case For Private Equity?

    The Stages of Analytics - Courtesy of Blue Yonder
    Framed Data raises $2M, 6Sense raises $12M, Reflektion raises $8M… The list goes on and on. What these companies have in common, aside from multi-million dollar investments, is that they are all in the market of predictive analytics. Predictive analytics is the art of making big data work by using past data to forecast future [...]
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  • Uwe Weiss On Predictive Analytics

    Uwe Weiss @ Blue Yonder - Foto: Martin Leissl
    LUTZ FINGER: Uwe Weiss – you are long-standing entrepreneur and the CEO of Blue Yonder, a predictive analytics company. Thanks for being with us. UWE WEISS: Thank you for having me. LUTZ FINGER: You landed a really large deal last year. Your company got funded by Warburg Pincus. The deal was for whopping 75 million [...]
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  • Give Me The Data! Why So Many Data Ideas Fail

    Personality analysis
    To build a data product you need to have the right data. This sounds simple, but it is often forgotten by entrepreneurs or top managers alike. Data should not be confused with the product or the business question that makes it powerful. But even if you have a great idea, it comes down to having [...]
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